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Carer Statistics

How many carers?
In the area covered by Manchester City Council, there are at least 42,000 carers who are adults¹ (the number of young carers is not known but is estimated at more than 16,000²).


% of carers who experience social isolation


% of carers who face reduced income


% of carers who have given up work or reduced their hours due to their caring role

¹ 2011 Census for England and Wales, ONS
² Research in 2010 by Morris Hargreaves McInytre (Research on the Children and Young People’s Plan, May 2009)
83% of carers have felt lonely or socially isolated as a result of looking after a loved one (Alone and Caring, Carers UK 2015). 44% of carers are struggling to make ends meet, rising to nearly half (48%) of those caring for 35 hours or more per week (Carers UK, State of Caring Report 2016).

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