Manchester Carers Network (MCN) are delighted to announce that it has won the Spirit of Manchester Award for Partnership and Collaboration 2019!

Once nominated, the network had to produce a 60 second film to show why it was worthy of the prize. On the night over 400 guests voted for the winner of each category and the MCN film was a hit!

We know the how much carers impact our communities and we were so pleased that we could promote the carers agenda in front of so many peers and press.  We’re also very proud of the unique service the network provides to carers. The network celebrates the strengths of the voluntary sector, and it’s success is based on members’ connection with communities across the city.

Our winning film is below :) . If you’d like to see some of the other organisations nominated please follow this link.

Finally we’d like to mention all of the network members for their fantastic work across the city.

African and Caribbean Mental Health Services
African Caribbean Care Group
Alzheimer’s Society
Connect Support
Indian Senior Citizens Centre
Lifted Carers Centre

Manchester Carers Centre
Manchester Carers Forum
Manchester Jewish Federation
NEESA Well Women
Stroke Association
Talbot House
Together Dementia Support
Wai Yin Society
Communities 4 All (Affiliate Member)