Get to know the network – Himmat

Get to know the network – Himmat

The network would like to congratulate Nusrat Ahmed in her new post at Himmat. We caught up with Nusrat to hear about her new role and plans for Himmat in 2019…

My post as manager at Himmat started in the first week of November so I have had a good few weeks of settling into the role and the organisational workings.

Himmat provides support to South Asian carers giving them access to information, advice and practical support to help them in their caring role and creates opportunities for them to engage in activities that will enhance and give them a better outlook on life.

I have worked with this target group for over 20 years now so am familiar with the needs of South Asian Carers, however the workings of organisations are not necessarily the same, so there have been a few challenges in coming into this new role.

The post has given me a chance to create changes that will have long term goals and beneficial impact on the organisation, staff and service users.  Himmat has a small team of 4 part time staff and they have made me feel very welcome and have embraced changes that I have implemented with positivity.

Our goals and aspirations for Himmat is to widen our remit of support to Carers and introduce new provisions of support and new services catering for the needs of South Asian Carers.  Our overall aim for 2019 will be to secure long term funding to create sustainability for existing carers.  In addition to this we would like to target new carers to make sure that south Asian carers are getting the right support at the start of their caring lives.

Himmat would like to continue to support the Manchester Carers Network and be active member of this.  We would like to see focused and targeted support to cater for BAME carers and look at working with other BAME carer groups in the network to achieve this.

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