Bring Dementia Out

Bring Dementia Out

Alzheimer’s Society have launched an awareness raising campaign called Bring Dementia Out which aims to raise awareness about people from the LGBT+ community who are living with dementia.

The campaign has been initiated in Greater Manchester and Brighton and Hove and Alzheimer’s Society have been speaking to people from the LGBT+ community living with, or caring for someone living with dementia.

There may be additional challenges for people living with dementia who are from the LGBT+ community. For example, people who have experienced discrimination or stigma may feel forced back into the closet, trans people may go back to a time before they transitioned and people may feel more isolated as they have no long term partner or family to support them.

Alzheimer’s society have produced a short video exploring some of these issues. You can also find out more information and how to get involved on the website, please click here.

There is an awareness raising event taking place on Thursday 14 February, 10am – 12pm. You’ll hear from some of those who have been leading the innovation: those affected by dementia, LGBT Foundation and Alzheimer’s Society. The session is open to anyone, including people affected by dementia, LGBT+ communities, organisations and health and social care professionals. If you would like to attend, please contact Andrew –

If you would like further resources, see below to download the poster and information booklet:



Join in the conversation, use the hashtag #BringDementiaOut on social media.


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